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Now Streaming on ROKU and Amazon Fire Stick


Exposure On Demand is available on ROKU reaching over 29 million households in the USA, UK and Canada. Visit ROKU and search for the Exposure On Demand App to download

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As member you can watch exclusive content on the web and make request for shows or movies you'd like to watch

Amazon fire stick

Exposure On Demand is available on Amazon Fire Stick reaching over 49 million households around the country. Visit AFS and search for the Exposure On Demand App to download.


Would you like to share live streaming or pre-recorded content on Exposure On Demand TV platform?
Contact info@rlassc.com

Exposure On Demand is a platform offering diversity inclusion in the streaming world; celebrating startup and existing content creatives around the world. EOD has the capabilities of distributing live stream or pre-recorded content in over 60 million households in the USA, UK, and Canada. We’re connecting creatives with viewers who appreciate the work of an artists.

Mike Stuart

Head of Sales , Intel


Most frequent questions and answers

Exposure On Demand TV distribution is a Woman and Mother owned and operated platform working to counter the negativity shown in media today. Therefore, you’ll find EOD to be an advocate for family friendly content.

Do you have a ROKU or AMAZON Fire Stick device attached to your smart television? If yes, go to the search area and () search for Exposure On Demand once you’ve discovered the APP [simply]  download.

Exposure On Demand is extremely supportive of content creatives rather your producing a short films or local TV series; we’d be honored to view your content. To Apply or Submit content CLICK HERE 

Our content creatives understand the value of EXPOSURE, after all without exposure every brand would be invisible. As an EOD content creative you’ll receive the following:  a public & media relations [onboarding] package at no additional cost that includes a  press release highlight, social media mentions, and 2 pages in Exposure Magazine.

Thanks for asking. Our advertising process is straightforward $5 per day with a 30 day minimum = $150 per month. Ask about how you can cross market your advertisement on the network and in Exposure Magazine. If you need assistants with producing your print or video advertisement  CLICK HERE

Great! We truly appreciate supportive subscribers Let’s get you started first  CLICK HERE  to subscribe to Exposure Magazine. You’ll receive a digital copy of Exposure Magazine with EOD’s Streaming TV Guide.

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